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We built to provide you (All In One) PDF & Website Management Tools to save time and improve your productivity.

Unlimited Use & Limited Ads

Entiretools is entirely free. You can use it any time without restriction.


All the Tools processing time is faster we use cloud server.

User Friendly

All the tools are designed for all age group, Advance knowledge is not required to use.

Data Protection

All your files and data entered are secured.

Quick and Easy

120+ Tools are available in 7+ major languages.

Support All Browsers can be accessed on any browser with an active internet connection..

Batch Converter

Save time with batch converter, instead of converting one file, you can convert multple-file at once.

Multi Language

120+ Tools are available in 7 major languages.

No Registration

Use our 120+ tools without registration and providing personal details.

Auto Deletion Files From Server

Your uploaded files and contents are saved for only 24 hours. We use the auto-deletion mode to clear up files regularly for ensuring data safety.

No Installation

No matter! Mac, Linux, or Windows machine, Our tool can run on  ANY device.  You don't need to install anything to use our tool.

Quality is key

We use the Solid Framework, A powerful publishing framework.It has the best Technology for converting Documents which keeps the standards and quality high!

What is JPG to Text Converter

Convert your images to plain text with this free online tool. You can convert JPGs into any other format using our 'JPG to Txt' converter. It's a simple way of converting many JPGs into Txt files in the forms of your choice. Our document to JPG converter is perfect for people who want to convert PDF files to the popular JPG image format quickly. You will need to upload an image for the icon and click on the 'Convert now button. Your document will be organized in the text format within a short time, and you can proceed with its download. This program is used to convert JPG  files to Text. It also lets you create new PDF files from any Word document. You can then email your newly created Text to someone else or save it to your hard drive.

Upload the JPG files from the Documents Library, Dropbox, or Google drive. If the file can be directly dragged into the file section, it adds even more ease. You can try multiple conversions in a single day, which is also free of cost. It only takes a few blinks of your eyes, and the material is made accessible. Convert any JPG file to text format using our JPG to txt program.

How to convert images to Text?

There are a few situations where you might want to extract text from an image file. You don't need to change any file formats to add a watermark to images. The images will automatically become a different format, like JPG or PNG.

Scan. If you scan articles, papers, receipts, invoices, or any paperwork, it's probably stored in an image format.

Screenshots. Screenshots are images captured from a web browser window, taken either as a static image or as a video. They're a handy way to capture a Web page as you browse for something interesting.

It's easier to pay attention to a presentation, speech, or conference if you snap a quick photo of the slide or presentation and then listen to the speaker again.

To work with the Text, search for specific keywords, copy and paste quotes, and save paperwork digitally, a text document is much more practical than an image format.

 Text documents are more valuable than images for working with text content because they're easier to use in many situations and save space. Use them to cut, copy, paste, and organize information in any software.

Why should you convert JPG to Txt?

This tool helps you convert your images and texts from your JPEG format into editable words.

You can also modify the document to suit your requirements. The structure of a well-written report allows you to prepare the document in a more informative and explanatory way. This is the most appropriate one to get the desired information. However, images are insufficient, and they need to be edited to make them more appropriate for various purposes. The images you digitally take and save can be changed and edited easily with the JPG to Text converter. You no longer have to go through the hassle of copying and pasting images from one format to another. Just use our JPG to Text converter and convert images for any platform. It can help in editing, formatting, and converting all your image files to plain text. This prevents extensive rewriting that may be otherwise a prerequisite to translating the information from JPEG composition to the Word format. 

 Why you should use our JPG to Text Converter

Our 'JPG to Text Converter does a fantastic job converting your pictures into Text. The most important features of our converter are:

  • 100% Free

  • No registration required

  • Privacy protected

  • Fast and secure

  • Unlimited Usage

  • No spam links and advertisements.


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