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What is a page authority checker?

If Google thinks your website is authoritative and high-quality, it will give more weight when deciding which pages to show when someone searches on its site. Our unique machine algorithms look at the content of your web pages and assign a quality score to your pages based on several bulk criteria.

It's not just the sequential numbering of sites; it's the badge of quality on their pages. This is a comparison of the data in the Moz web index. This index can change over time, so check it regularly. MOZ explained a 100-point scale to calculate page rank, just like with DA. The scale makes it easy to assign a rating and makes it relative.

It's a great tool to check for changes in your or competitors' rankings. You should check for changes often. This free tool will give you a current overview of the traffic to your site and a look at the domain names of your competitors.

DA Authority and PA authority

Moz developed several methods of measuring indirect and direct authority. The two most common and high-volume uses of DA and PA are direct-response advertising and press releases.

While this tool will tell you the Page Authority of your domain, it will not tell you the Domain Authority. Domain Authority measures a website's exposure and classifies it. However, it doesn't predict how the page will perform. We're back for a quick update!

Page authority and domain authority can be validated using Moz tools.

How do you check domain authority?

Click the Copy and Paste URL button in the bulk DA PA checker. You can filter by a value. When you finish checking, you can download the report as an Excel sheet.

Why our DA PA checker tool?

The internet provides many free tools to check a website's domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA). If you want to find out the Moz Trust of a site, the best way is through our free bulk DA checker.

DA PA scorechecker is precisely developed on the Moz logarithmic scale.

How and when to use this tool?

There are multiple situations where the website authority checker is the tool to get the data and insights you need.

What is the Page Authority score?

PAGE AUTHORITY SCORE is a metric used by SEMrush to predict the ability of a specific page to rank in search engines. Page Authority measures how many other websites link to a page. Higher-quality content that ranks in the search engines means more visitors to your site.

What is the Domain Authority score?

This domain authority is essential for buying a new domain name or changing an existing one to improve its SEO (search engine optimization).

Page Authority uses a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. A high Page Authority score means your pages on your domain have the potential to rank well in search engine results.

What is Page authority, and how do you calculate - MOZ DA-PA checker?

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it's known, does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort to make your site rank in the search engines, so you need to start now.

You have to download the SEO toolbar. It's an easy complement to the most used browsers that allows you to see the PA-DA of each site you visit and access other SEO metrics (such as the number of incoming links).

There's a free version and a paid with many more features. This is a guest post from Katerina, the founder of The Traveler's Laundry.

How do you improve your Page Authority?

Because page authority is a link-based metric, you should focus on getting backlinks from high-authority domains, such as high-profile blogs.

When it comes to the art of link building, it's easier to say than done. So, I've created the free Link Building Tool to help you identify where guest posts, resource pages, and review link opportunities are available.


You must be thinking about it. Many website owners wonder about this question. Page Authority has no exact number; it depends on the excellent market; in some niche markets, Page Authority 30 may be enough to rank on top of Google, and in some highly competitive niches, maybe Page Authority 50 score is less.

Then, there is a practice you can follow to learn the best PA score in any niche. List out the first-page competition for the keywords and products you're targeting, look at each competitor's domain authority and, find their result, then average it together.

You'll see how your competitors try to out-rank your website in search results and what they do to get there. Pages with a high Page Authority can reach the top of Google's rankings.


Is your page authority low, and do you want to increase it? You've come to the right place. Here are some tips and tricks for increasing your page authority.

In addition to boosting your SEO, you can boost your page authority by keeping up to date on your search engine optimization. Check out our guide to boosting page authority:

You'll get an idea of where your domain authority is by using Domain Authority Checker.

Good Domain Authority (Moz DA) score?

Moz says no 'good' or 'bad' domain authority score exists. If the Domain Authority of a website is high, that means the website is probably trustworthy.

A higher DA score indicates a website is more likely to be trustworthy.

 What is a bad Spam Score?

The Moz Rank is a score based on several metrics, which may include: You're wasting your time if you're using a flag-based score to rank content in your search results. This is how Moz categorizes an excellent or lousy spam score.

Why do high domain authority and lower spam scores matter?

Higher quality content, greater trust, and more user engagement help rank your web pages better and avoid penalties.


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