PowerPoint to PDF

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF for Free

  1. You can access your PowerPoint on your computer.
  2. Our online converter from PPTX to PDF will convert your PPT or PTX into PDF in seconds.
  3. Save your PDF file to your computer. After the conversion is complete, all PPT, PDFX, and PDF files will be deleted.

The Best PDF to PPT Converter

The best way to convert PowerPoint files to PDF is with our free PDF converter. Our PowerPoint to PDF Converter is easy to use and allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations quickly to PDF format. This preserves the formatting and layout of your slides.

A collection of useful tools

Easy-to-use tools allow you to merge, split, compress, delete, and compress PDFs. Editing your files is easy with the help of several online tools.

You might consider a membership

For unlimited access to the full suite of tools, you can either continue using our online PowerPoint converter or pay a monthly fee. Additional benefits include the ability to convert multiple PPTX or PPTX files simultaneously and unlimited file sizes.

Access online is easy

You can convert PPT and/or PPTX files into PDF as long as you have internet access. Our PowerPoint to PDF converter can be used on any OS or device that can upload or download files, such as Mac or Windows.


Every PPT, PDF, and PPTX file uploaded to our server will have 256-bit SSL encryption at the time it is downloaded. This is to protect your data from being viewed by others. We will not sell or share your data with anyone.

Automatic file deletion

Once your PowerPoint file is successfully converted, our PDF to PPT converter automatically deletes all remaining PPT, PTX or PDF documents. This is just in case you forget to delete them manually.


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