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“Backlink is a hyperlink on the internet that refer a visitor to your site know as a backlink “ this hyperlink may link to your site or your site page by text link and image link you know it is very important for SEO because if your site has several backlinks then it will be able to get high rank at the search engine and I know what is the mean of high rank at search engine so that it is clear if you want to make your site more popular more traffic then you should have a good number of backlink for your site. So that my dear hare we are going to provide you a backlink maker tool by you can easily make a backlink for your site and your site page URL.

What is a backlink?

a backlink is a hyperlink that able to send a visitor to your site and for your webpage. and more backlink more popularity. it means if your site has a large backlink on several webpages on the internet then the search engine gives a rank for your site so that don’t forget to make a free backlink by our these free SEO tools that provide you free backlink at a high-rank website.



If you have a new website and want to rank it high on search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the only way to achieve this goal. There are 2 types of techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  

  • On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
  • 2 On-Page SEO

Both are about content and their optimization But Off-Page deals with social signals and backlinks. Articlewatt Free backlink maker tool is developed for those websites that are newly built. Search engines take time and analyze new websites before publishing them on their search pages they prefer websites with good backlinks count and social links. To get your chances in the search engine index you have to get free backlinks from different websites so that you can attract search engine bots to your website.

How it works:

The value of backlinks is very important!

The links which are from the authority webpage are completely authentic, valuable. These also require some work from your own site. There are very good long and short-term results of these backlinks. This also makes a good jumpstart in the link-building strategy.

After some days just check the changes been on pages with the help of page rank check tools. The details for inbound links could also be checked by a backlink checker and then the value of each link could also be checked with the help of the free link analysis tool.

In a few days, use the Page Rank Check Tool to see if there have been any changes. You can also use the Backlink Check Tool to see more details about your inbound links, and then check the value of each link using the free Link Analysis Tool.

How can you increase the backlink?

everyone (every site admin) want to increase the number of backlink for his / her website but it is not very easy but not very difficult you can make backlink by the following method

Create backlink by free backlink creator tools

link as our site provides a free backlink maker tool like as several websites provide a free backlink maker backlink creator tools free of cost for it make backlink by our tools and after just google the free backlink creator tools keyword and go on the search website and make a backlink  

 Make a backlink by blogging about your site

It is also a better way to make a high responsive backlink for it make a blog about your site and for your product write several posts about your website and website service

 free google backlink

If you are thinking to make a high-rank backlink for your site then don’t forget to make a backlink at the high-rank website

 “high-rank website = high-rank backlink = able to increase the rank of your site at search engine “

So that google is a high-rank web site google backlink can increase your website rank by making a google backlink follow the step

  • Make a +google profile
  • Make a site link at +google profile
  • Add your site link
  • Another way
  • Make +google page for your site

How is it important for a site?

A backlink represents the popularity of a web page. I mean if your site web page has a good quality backlink then your site gets a higher SEO rank by search engine .but remember it a poor page backlink harms your site rank. it means you should have good quality and high-rank web page backlink to your site.

How can you make a backlink by our backlink tool?

It is very easy for it no need extra skill to use backlink maker tool just follow below step

  1. open the URL
  2. just bookmark it for next time use
  3. enter your site URL in the URL text box
  4. Click submit button
  5. backlink making process will start
  6. just wait for it
  7. after completing it you can use this tool for your other site page URL
  8. note:- you should make a backlink for your every site page URL


Why is a Backlink Generator Tool So Important?

The Backlink Generator Tool is one of the most powerful and important tools offered by the Best SEO Tools website. The tool submits the link you give to many different high-ranking PR websites that provide you with backlinks. Backlinks, along with SEO, are the most important factor in the ranking of a website. Having effective and relevant backlinks increases your position on a search engine’s results. Search engines love backlinks after all. You also have to submit your website to different search engines to get indexed properly too. That’s why our Backlink Generator Tool allows you to submit backlinks to your website. The Backlink Generator Tool is also super easy to use. All you need to do is submit your link and watch as the tool works its magic.


We are working to add even more websites to our Backlink Generator Tool and make it more effective. There are already a lot of websites that allow you to create backlinks but there is something you need to be aware of. If the backlinks are not really relevant then search engines will pick up on this. Similar to keyword stuffing, this makes the search engine tag it as black hat SEO and causes the search engine to kick your website and not even list it. That’s why our tool doesn’t create too many irrelevant backlinks and works to make sure only the highest quality backlinks are generated.


It’s also important to check your website for plagiarism. Luckily we’ve also prepared a Plagiarism SEO Tool you can use. When a website is filled with plagiarism then a search engine will, once again, not index or show it. Make sure that your website is unique or no one will ever see it or care about it.


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