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Protect your PDF with Password

You can set an open password to protect your PDF file so that only authorized readers have access to it. It is impossible to crack your password using a regular computer with 128bits encryption. This provides strong protection for your files.

Add the Copying and Printing restriction to PDF

You can add permission security to prevent others from printing the PDF or copying your content. After the file has been protected, the Adobe Reader will show a greyed out copy and print button. Other PDF readers might ask for the password to copy and/or print the file.

Introduction of PDF security

There are two main types of passwords for PDFs. The strongest password is called 'Open Password'. If you choose long and random characters, it's unlikely to be cracked. The weakest protection is the 'Owner Password'. It prevents anyone from editing, copying, or printing. However, it can be bypassed by some PDF software.

Secure your PDF with this safe method

After 30 minutes, all files uploaded and encrypted PDFs will be removed from our servers. Password data will also be deleted. SSL connections are used to transfer files. This encryption is secure so that no one can access your files.

How do I Encrypt PDF Online?

encrype PDF online

  1. Click the 'Choose File' button to choose a PDF or drag the file onto the Encrypt PDF page.
  2. Choose an encryption method. You can add owner passwords, open passwords, or copying and printing restrictions.
  3. To start online encryption, click the 'Start Conversion" button.
  4. After processing, download the encrypted PDF file.

encrype PDF online


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