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Encrypt your PDF online safely

Protect your PDF with a password.

You can set an open password to protect your PDF file so only authorized readers can access it. Cracking your password using a regular computer with 128-bit encryption is impossible. This provides strong protection for your files.

Add the Copying and Printing restriction to the PDF

You can add permission security to prevent others from printing the PDF or copying your content. After the file has been protected, Adobe Reader will show a greyed-out copy and print button. Other PDF readers might ask for the password to copy and print the file.

Introduction of PDF security

There are two main types of passwords for PDFs. The most robust password is called 'Open Password.' If you choose long and random characters, it's unlikely to be cracked. The weakest protection is the 'Owner Password.' It prevents anyone from editing, copying, or printing. However, some PDF software can bypass it.

Secure your PDF with this safe method.

After 30 minutes, all files uploaded and encrypted PDFs will be removed from our servers. Password data will also be deleted. SSL connections are used to transfer files. This encryption is secure so that no one can access your files.

How do I Encrypt PDF Online?

Follow simple steps to encrypt PDF online

  1. Go to Entiretools.com and search for ENCRYPT PDF
  2. Click the 'Choose File' button to choose a PDF or drag the file onto the Encrypt PDF page.
  3.  Input solid and open passwords.
  4. To start online encryption, click the 'Convert Now" button.
  5. After processing, download the encrypted PDF file.

encrype PDF online


encrype PDF online

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding PDF encryption:

1. What is PDF encryption?

PDF encryption involves applying a security layer to your PDF files, making them accessible only to users who have the password. It can restrict actions such as opening the document, printing, and editing.

2. How can I encrypt a PDF?

Go to Entiretools.com and search for ENCRYPT PDF.

3. Is it safe to encrypt PDFs online?

Entiretools.com uses HTTPS to process data, and your privacy is our motto; all files are deleted immediately, and we do not have any functionality to store sensitive data on our server.

4. Can encrypted PDFs be cracked?

While PDF encryption adds a layer of security, no encryption is unbreakable. Strong passwords and up-to-date encryption standards (like AES-256) significantly increase security.

5. What's the difference between password protection and encryption?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there can be a difference:

Password protection generally refers to needing a password to perform specific actions (like opening or editing).

Encryption means the file's contents are scrambled and unreadable without the correct decryption key (usually a password).

6. How can I ensure my PDF encryption is strong?

Use a complex, unique password.

Choose a tool or method that supports strong encryption standards (AES-256 is recommended).

Avoid sharing the password insecurely.

7. Can I encrypt a PDF for free?

Yes, there are free tools and applications available that can encrypt PDFs. Open-source software like PDFsam and online services offer free encryption features with some limitations compared to paid software.

8. What should I do if I forget the password to an encrypted PDF?

Recovering a forgotten password for an encrypted PDF can be difficult. Some tools claim to recover or remove passwords, but their effectiveness varies, and strong encryption can make recovery nearly impossible. Always keep a backup of your passwords in a secure location.

Encrypting your PDFs is a great way to protect sensitive information. Just remember your passwords and consider the security of the tools you use.

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