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Do you want to rotate your PDF online? In this article, we’re going to show you how to rotate PDF online free without installing any software or app.'

About PDF rotate online tool

You can use for rotating PDF files online. When we designed, we wanted it to be as easy to use as a desktop document editor, but also very easy to use as a mobile text editor.

Whether you're looking for how to rotate all pages in PDF files - or specific pages - our service provides easy-to-use tools that make it simple to rotate PDF. The rotation angle can be selected.

Many times when you are working on a document and you have finished your work and want to save the document, you may notice that the document is not saving or that you have accidentally removed some of the formattings.

Our service allows you to rotate a PDF file and store it online, ensuring you don’t lose any of the alterations and letting you access the stored file either on the website or through your email.

Different rotation angles

Our online PDF rotator allows you to orient your PDF to the angle that’s best for you. You can rotate your PDF 90 degrees clockwise, counterclockwise, or flip it 180 degrees.

With this feature, you can view and edit your document from different angles.

Split and rotate

Need to rotate one specific page? Use our online tool to split pages in your PDF document into single files. Then, use our Rotator tool to change the orientation of specific pages.

You can also use our online PDF conversion tool to convert from or to PDF.

Entire document

When you rotate a page, the whole orientation of that page changes, including all objects and elements on it. To rotate images on your page, you'll need to edit the content of your PDF.

Online PDF rotation in seconds

This online tool allows you to flip single pages or all of your PDF documents once you have uploaded them. You can also merge multiple files and rotate them at once

Secure PDF handling

After processing, all PDF files uploaded will be permanently deleted from our servers within 60 minutes. These files are inaccessible to anyone and privacy is guaranteed.

Works with many devices!

Smallpdf works its magic in your browser. It doesn't matter whether you're using Linux, Windows, or Mac. Rotate the PDF wherever you like.

Permanent rotation

You can rotate pages and save them to your computer using our tools. It's not just a preview, but it's also saved in PDF once you re-download it.

Easy PDF rotating

Rotating a page is an easy problem that requires a simple solution. Smallpdf allows you to easily rotate individual pages, multiple pages, or all pages in a document.

PDF in the cloud

You don't have to install or download any software to rotate PDF pages. Upload your file to the site and then rotate it.

How to rotate PDFs online?

Follow a few simple steps to rotate PDF online

  • Go  to this link Rotate PDF
  • Click on Choose File and upload your PDF file
  • Select your Rotate angle 90,180,270
  • Click on Convert 
  • Your file is available to download 
  • You can save your converted file to google drive or dropbox account
  • If you face any issues kindly contact us 

See images for reference 

Step 1

Rotate PDF

Step 2 

Rotate PDF online


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