GIF to Animated WebP

How to convert GIF to WebP 

  • Step 1. Visit the Link GIF to WebP
  • Step 2. Click on choose file or Drag or drop the 
  • Step 3. It will take a few seconds to convert.

Why convert GIF to Animated WebP

WEBP is an image file developed by Google to make websites more efficient. WebP images can improve the performance of the web by making the image files smaller, but don’t lose image quality.

Instead of using most of the images on image-heavy websites, we use WebP files, and this helps load pages quicker and uses less battery, which is ideal for mobile browsing.

WebP files are a smaller version of WebM files and use both lossy and lossless compression.

A good size is approximately 9x12 inches. It's better than a file but not as good as a print.

Gif is an internet standard for displaying images using graphic interlaces. It was created for use in web design and in animation. Graphics interchange format contains up to 256 colors, so they're not often used for photos, but as they have lossless compression, they work well for navigation buttons and logos on websites.

A GIF image format is the same as a bitmap (JPG or BMP) image file except it can be saved in an animated GIF file, which will cycle through the images in the file to create a short

These are primarily designed for websites on the internet. They're most commonly used across websites on the internet.

WebP images are compressed and optimized for use on the web, just like JPEGs, but they use an open standard that's much smaller than JPEG. They can speed up your website nicely, but are not available for all applications.

GIFs are smaller than PNGs, but their quality is far worse. They're best for things like a video or animation, and not for things like photos.

If you’re looking for a way to make use of your WEBP files across multiple applications and keep the file size small, convert your WEBP to Gifs. You can convert files quickly in management software such as WinZip.

Extension gif
Category Image/Picture file formats
Developed by CompuServe
Mime type image/gif


GIF is a widely used image format that supports displaying animations. Its name is synonymous with short, silent, looping videos. However, due to limitations in the design of the GIF format, the animations cannot be very long or have lots of colors, without the file size becoming extremely large.

GIF is one of the most popular formats for web images but if you need to save space on your site you can convert your GIFs to another, newer image format called WebP - which also supports looping animation. You can convert the GIF into a video.

Extension webp
Category Image/Picture file formats
Developed by Google
Mime type image/webp


WebP is a new image format for the web that promises smaller file sizes. The image is saved with all the original quality; therefore, it can only be a smaller file size than other formats.

In addition to the features mentioned in the introduction, also supports making animated WebP files, as well as converting WebP animations to a video format or GIF.

Common questions about converting GIF to WEBP

 Can I convert GIF to WEBP in bulk?

Yes, we support batch converting multiple GIFs to WEBPs in our software.

You can create your own videos using GIFs. Drag and drop GIFs to the GIF button to

You can also use Command+V to paste a selected area from your computer.

 Can I convert a GIF file to WEBP, if its size is 1 GB?

Of course, with Premium you can convert big GIFs to MP4 and

There’s a free version of the service, which lets you convert files up to 200 Premium is the best tool for converting GIF images over 200 MB.

 Is converting GIFs to WEBP safe with

Of course we encrypt your connection using industry standards.

GIF images are only visible to you after the conversion process. They will not be available online for 24 hours, so it is essential that you store your conversions on a local computer.

You can delete your image files, animated GIFs, and other converted file types immediately after finishing the conversion.

 How long does it take to convert GIF to WEBP?

For most images, the wait should be less than a minute. If they are animated, it may take a little longer. works by taking a snapshot of the page’s content and displaying a thumbnail of the page in an image conversion window.




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