Animated WebP to GIF

What is a WebP file?

WebP is an open-source file type that is used to optimize image files so that they are more ideal for web pages and mobile applications. WebP images are significantly smaller than the commonly used JPEG and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files, and have similar visual quality.

WebP images load quickly on web pages and mobile apps, and they can compress much more data than JPG images.

How to open a WebP file?

The default program for viewing WebP is Google Chrome (Chrome).

WebP files also open automatically in Google’s image search and Google Drive.

Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE10+, Firefox, and IE9+ all support the WebP format.

There are many alternative free viewers to try. One of the best is Pixelmator, and it's free for both Windows and Mac users.

You can also open WebP files using IrfanView, which is a free image viewer. If you need something more powerful than that, you should install the plugins for WebP.

  • Developed by.Google
  • Initial Release.September 2010
  • Useful links:
  • https./developers. google. com/speed/webp/docs/compression

What is a GIF file?

The GIF is an image format that supports animated images. You can adapt 256 colors and use a lossless compression technique to contain images.

It could also contain text, images, or even video animation. LZW is frequently used in web publishing. It applies the LZW compression algorithm to compress low-colored images.

How to open a GIF file?

Almost all web browsers support GIF, so there’s no need to switch to another format for images.

Moreover, GIF is a simple and easy to use format for your web pages.

GIFs have been an industry standard since the 1990s. It's easy to see why they're still used today.

For the purpose of editing GIFs, you need an application such as Adobe Photoshop.

To open a GIF on Windows, open it with Microsoft Photos, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Roxio Creator NXT Pro, and others.

On a Mac, use Adobe Image Viewers and editors, including Adobe Illustrator.

  • Developed by.CompuServe, Inc.
  • Initial Release.15 June 1987
  • Useful links.https./en. Wikipedia. org/wiki/GIF

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Convert Animated WebP to GIF using these free software or services

In this article, we'll show you how to convert animated WebP to GIF. You can now make your animated WebP or GIF images work as high-quality images on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites. This article can help you do that.

You can convert animated WebP images into GIFs by using an online tool.

Convert Animated WebP to Animated GIF

We've included 4 free software and two free online services for converting animated WebP to GIF:

1] webp2gif

It’s the simplest option for animated WebP to GIF conversion on the market.

When you convert WebP image to GIF, there is no need to run any command.

You can make GIFs with this tool. A batch converting feature is also nice.

Download this command-line tool with this link. Now, for batch animated WebP to GIF conversion, you must first add your animated WebP images to a folder.

Next, download a zip archive from webp2gif. exe file.1.

This will begin the magic. Within a few seconds, it will create animated GIFs, and store them in the same folder where your WebP images are stored.

For converting a single animated WebP image, just drag it to the webp2gif.

exe file. It will generate the animated GIF in the same location.

2] Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools software is a combination of an image editor, batch image converter, image renamer, screen capture, and more.

You need to watch this video if you want to make an animated GIF.

There are two interesting options in that tool. It lets you create a single GIF image from multiple animated WebP images.

You can set the size, delete frames, and add background color for the output GIF image.

To create GIFs from animated WebP images, download this free software. 1.

When the software is installed, launch the program, and you’ll see the main interface with all the available tools.

Select Animation Gif Webp option and the animation will start playing.

Then, a separate window is opened. Here, you can use the left sidebar or the Add Picture option to add WebP images.

You can’t see any images until you add them to this image; then, the frames of those images will appear on the bottom part of this

For each frame, there is a cross button that you can use to remove that particular frame.

The right settings help to play/stop WebP images, set the size for output GIF, add a delay time for frames, set the background color, etc.

Choose your tools carefully. Make sure to choose options and click OK in the dialogs that follow.

Save as a button allows you to create and save an animated GIF in any folder on your PC.

3] WebP to animated GIF converter

It's a great tool for online webmasters who want to quickly convert WebP images to Animated GIFs.

It lets you preview input WebP as well as output animated GIFs.

Furthermore, you can also use other tools available for output GIFs.

If you want an example, you can compress a picture of a puppy, add effect to it, make the animation speed faster, and then export the final picture.

You can use this tool to upload an online WebP image or press the Choose File button to add a WebP image from the desktop.

Your file upload is limited to 25 MB. When the file is uploaded, please use the "Upload!" button to submit your files. The tool will start playing the input file.

To convert a video to GIF in an easy step, you need to press Convert to GIF! button. You’re ready to publish! Click the “Publish Animated GIF” button and then click

4] Convertio

With Convertio, you get a complete library of content for your website - pages, documents, images, videos, presentations, and more. Everything is in one place.

The book comes with many conversion tools and has a built-in web-to-GIF converter tool.

This free plan supports 100 MB size for each WebP image and lets you convert up to 10 files concurrently and a maximum of 1 file in a day.1.

To open the GIF converter page, click on the link here. You can add animated webp files using 4 methods.

WebP URL, desktop, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Use an option to upload the input files and select a folder to store the input files

When finished with the conversion, you can choose to download the resulting ZIP archive containing your converted files, or you can use the Download archive option to save each output file individually.

This tool can help you to save Animated WebP to GIF images. These tools will come in handy when you need to convert animated WebP to GIF images for your needs.

The quickest way to get GIF images from webp files is definitely using the webp2gif command-line tool.








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