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    • Gousia tasleem
        quickly converts, thank you

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      The PDF to Word Converter is a web-based program and requires an internet connection. After conversion, uploaded files are sent to the servers. They are deleted after 24 hours. After the file has been converted, you can access it on the website. To locate a file from your computer, click on the Upload button. To access files stored on the cloud, click one of the three icons - OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The conversion process is instantaneous; you can download the converted file in just a few seconds.

      Functionality of PDF to Word Online Tools

      1. Conversion Process: The primary function of these tools is to convert the contents of a PDF file into a format that is editable in Microsoft Word.

      2. User Interface: Typically, these tools offer a straightforward interface. Users upload the PDF file they wish to convert, initiate the conversion process, and then download the converted Word file.

      3. Upload and Convert: Users upload the PDF file to the tool's server, which then processes the file and converts it into a Word document.

      4. Download Converted File: Users can download the new Word document to their device after the conversion.

      Common Features

      • Preservation of Layout: Our tool retains the original layout and formatting of the PDF, including text, images, and tables.
      • Batch Conversion: We are working to bring batch conversion.
      • No Software Installation: Our tool does not require installing it on any device.

      Use Cases

      • Editing Documents: Useful for editing or updating documents, only available in PDF format.
      • Content Repurposing: Converting PDF content for reports, presentations, or other documents.
      • Accessibility: Making content in a PDF more accessible for editing or screen reading software.

      Legal and Ethical Considerations

      • Copyright and Permissions: Users should ensure they have the right to convert and modify the content of the PDF documents.

      Security and Privacy Concerns

      • Data Privacy: Users should be cautious about uploading sensitive or confidential documents. It's advisable to use tools that prioritize user data security and privacy.
      • Temporary Storage: It's essential to ensure the tool deletes your files from their servers after conversion.

      Limitations and Risks

      • File Size Limits: Our tool allows 50MB file size limit
      • Internet Dependency: These tools require an internet connection to function.
      • Formatting Inconsistencies: While tools strive to maintain original formatting, complex layouts or unusual fonts in PDFs may not always convert perfectly.

      How can I convert a PDF into Word online?

      Our online tool makes it easy to convert PDFs into Word in just two steps

      1. To upload a PDF file from your computer, click the Upload button. You can use any of the three icons available (Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox) to locate your PDF.
      2. Once the PDF file has been uploaded, the conversion process will begin automatically. Wait for the conversion process, and then download the Word file.

      How can I convert a PDF scanned from my scanner to Word?

      This tool converts scanned PDF files into Word. This tool uses OCR technology to scan scanned documents and convert them into editable Word files. Upload the scanned PDF to our converter, which will run OCR. Once the conversion has been completed, you can download your converted file in.docx format to continue using MS Word.

      Can you convert PDF to Word for free?

      This online PDF-to-convert tool is free. This online tool is free and available for as long as you want. There are no restrictions on file size and the number of files you can convert.

      What is the conversion time?

      Conversions usually take less than one minute. However, speed depends on your internet connection speed and the file size. It will take longer if you have large and complex PDF files to convert.

      Can I convert PDF into Word without emailing?

      Yes! Yes! Upload a PDF file to the cloud or your computer, and the conversion will start. You can download the converted file directly from this website.

      Can I convert large PDFs to Word online?

      Yes, you can use Entiretools.com to convert PDFs of all sizes. There is no need to be concerned about the type or size of your PDF. Once you have uploaded your PDF, the conversion will begin automatically. It is possible for large PDF files (500+ pages) to take longer to convert. If you wait, you can download the Word file once it is ready.

      How can I convert PDF to Word offline?

      Our Entiretools.com is an online tool requiring an active internet connection. It does not work offline. Not all users want to convert PDFs offline, so we have teamed up with the top developer of desktop PDF solutions. Download a professional desktop PDF-to-Word converter here.

      How can I convert PDF to Word using iOS and Android?

      Our online tool makes it easy to convert PDFs to Word from your mobile device. It's the same process as for your desktop.

      1. Open Entiretools.com in your mobile browser
      2. Upload the PDF file you wish to convert
      3. Save the Word file as a PDF to your iOS/Android device.


      PDF to Word Online Tools provide a convenient and efficient solution for converting PDF documents into editable Word formats. They are invaluable for individuals and professionals who regularly work with documents in various formats. Security, privacy, and conversion fidelity considerations are paramount when selecting and using these tools, especially when handling sensitive or intricate documents. How does PDF to Word converter work?


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