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A Terms and Conditions agreement is the agreement that informs the users of your website about the rules, terms, and guidelines that they need to follow in order to use and access your website. Because it's an agreement, it's essential that you have a legal team involved with this document.

Although it’s not required by any laws currently, by establishing terms and conditions you can ensure that certain users that abuse your website are removed or do not have access to certain parts of your website.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of platform your website uses; 

  • Square
  • WordPress
  • Custom PHP 
  • Joomla, Drupal
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • E-commerce
  • App

If you don't have this agreement for your website already, use our Terms & Conditions Generator to get one.

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With a straightforward Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Terms of Service, the customers will trust your business better.

Mobile Apps & SaaS

Mobile Apps & SaaS

Generate impressive policies for your app or software. We will take care of regular updates and compliance with the laws

Facebook & Instagram stores

Facebook & Instagram stores

Social networks are the right place for your business. Secure it in 2 minutes with business Privacy and Cookie Policies

Blogs & Websites

Blogs & Websites

Your audience relishes easy-to-read essays. Our developed legal documents are equal to that. Try it!

Terms & Conditions FAQ

What are the Terms & Conditions of a website?

Terms and Conditions, also known as Terms of Service or Terms of Use, govern the use of a website by visitors. A Terms & Conditions is a document that acts like a contract between the website owner and the website visitors.

Do I need Terms & Conditions for my website?

Even though they are not required by law, Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) are good to have when you're offering products or services online. Your website's terms and conditions should include important rules and guidelines that your site's visitors can follow when using your site.

Is a Terms & Conditions agreement a legal agreement?

The Terms & Conditions of a website or app can act as a legal contract between the owner and its users.

However, there are guidelines on how to properly enforce an online legal contract. It includes getting consent from users, giving notice of changes to terms and conditions, and so on. A:

Are Terms & Conditions required by regulation?

If you're selling digital goods, you have to have Terms & Conditions on your site, but it's not legally necessary for Terms & Conditions to be present on the checkout pages for physical goods.

What are the advantages of having Terms & Conditions?

Your Terms & Conditions should have a number of advantages, such as limiting your liability, protecting your intellectual property (IP), and reserving the right to terminate or block access of abusive users.

How can I generate Terms & Conditions Online using the Terms & Conditions Generator?

It's simple & and quick

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  3. It's done! Your Terms & Conditions are now ready.


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