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              About Facebook Downloader

              Why you should use Entiretools video downloader 

              Entiretools.com is the finest Facebook video downloader for high-quality Facebook video: Full HD, 2K, 4K (mp4).
              Download Facebook videos with the highest quality on your mobile, PC, or tablet. Use our Facebook video downloader with your browser. No need to install any  App or software. Our tool support both Android and iOS.

              Preview Before Downloading Video

              You may worry that the video downloader may not fetch the same Video and download some different files on your device. You won't suffer this problem with the Facebook video downloader provided on entiretools.com, as it offers you a preview of the Video fetched from your entered Facebook link before downloading it.

               Features of Facebook Video Downloader

              • Free to Use 
              • No Registration Needed
              • User-Friendly Interface 
              • Spam Free
              • Compatible with all Devices 
              • Compatible with all Operating Systems and Browsers 
              • Fast and Efficient 
              • Limited Ads
              • Single Click Download 
              • HD Quality Videos
              • Download MP3 Videos of Facebook videos

              How to use Facebook video downloader for?

              • Copy FB Video URL
              • Paste the URL in the field above
              • Click the "Download" button to Save the FB video

              facebook video downloader

              Paste the link here Facebook Video Downloader




              FACEBOOK Video DOWNLOADER


              She frequently Asked Questions about Video Downloader.


               Why Use Entiretools.com To Download Facebook Video? 

               According to reviews and comments, Entiretools.com is the quickest and most steady Facebook Video Downloader. We offer 1080P quality Facebook videos and continuously improve the quality of our tools. 


              How to download Facebook videos to your computer?


              On a desktop, copy the Facebook video link and paste it into the link input box at the top of this page, and hit the Download button, and you're done! See the guideline on Entiretools blog Instructions for using Entiretools to download Facebook videos


              How to download Facebook videos to an Android phone?


              Just like downloading on a computer, it's straightforward, go to Entiretools -> Import Facebook Video Link ->, And Click Download -> Choose the quality you want to download (Support to 4K Video)


              How to Download 4k Facebook Videos?


              To download a 4k video, the Facebook video should be in 4K quality; You need to check the Video 1st if it is 4K quality, then Copy the link -> Access Entiretools -> Import Facebook Video Link -> And Press Download -> Choose the quality 4K to download.


              How to download Facebook videos to your iPhone (iOS)?


              IOS is slightly more complex because iOS does not support Live video download; you need to download Documents by Readdle, Open the application, Selecting browser -> Open Entiretools.com, -> Paste Facebook Video Link, -> Click Download, -> Select the quality you wish to download.


              Does Entiretools support downloading private Facebook Videos? 


              Entiretools. Com framework is advanced; Facebook Videos, when you log in, you see that the Facebook video is private, and you don't have to source code or do any coding job. It is too complex; with Entiretools.com, you must copy the video link, paste it into the link download box, and click Download. 


              How to Download a Facebook Video Online?


               Simple Copy the Facebook video link you want to download > Paste the link into the link entry box at Entiretools.com. Entiretools.com will do the rest job.


               Can I save Facebook videos on my phone?


               Of course, saving the Facebook video to your desktop after you finish downloading will usually be in the Downloads folder of an Android phone, and the iPhone is more complicated than seen above. 

              Can I download Facebook Live stream videos?

              While playing, downloading a Live video is impossible; you can download the live Video once the live telecast is finished. 

              Does Entiretools store downloaded videos or keep a copy of the Video? 

              Entiretools does not keep videos or copies of downloaded videos on its server. entiretools.com support Render-only video; all videos are stored on Facebook's servers and only downloaded to your desktop/mobile phone.

              How can I download MP3 only from Facebook videos?


              You can download only MP3s from Facebook videos. After submitting the video link, you will see Video and audio options and select the audio format to download.


              Can I download FB videos from my mobile phone?

              Of course, Entiretools.com works fine with  Android using any browser with an active internet connection.

              Is Facebook Video Downloader Free?

              The Facebook video downloader is completely free. You don't need to pay to download Facebook videos with this online tool. Entiretools allows users to download as many videos from Facebook as they desire without worrying about paying any costs.

              Is it safe to use Facebook Downloader?

              It is safe for any user. You can save any public content with this video downloader. Moreover, you don't need to use any Chrome (or any other browser) extension to save videos from Facebook; you don't need to install any App or software on your mobile phone or system.

              This Facebook video downloader is not violating any of the rules of the Facebook community. If you don't publish the saved content as your own, you keep it within the copyright law.

              Does a user get informed when I save their Video?

              No. Nobody knows if you download any video from Facebook with this video downloader. You can download it from any non-private Facebook profile.

              Where is the Video saved after being downloaded?

               They are usually saved in the downloads folder on Pc or Mobile phones. A browser typically sets the downloads folder for you. You can modify and manually select the destination folder for your downloaded videos in browser settings.

              Can I download the Facebook Reels video?

              At present, We do not provide reel downloading services.

              Can I download videos from the Facebook group?

              Currently, our tool cannot download videos uploaded on Facebook groups.

              Can I download the 2k Video?

              You can download it, but the Facebook should be 2k quality.

              Can I download a 4k-quality video from Facebook?

              Yes, you can download 4k quality video, but the uploaded Video on Facebook should be in 4k quality.

              Can I download the 720p Video?

              Yes, you can download 720p quality videos, but the uploaded Video on Facebook should be in 720p quality.

              Can I download a 1080P Video from Facebook?

              Of course, You can download 1080P from our tool.

              Legal Notice

              We want to inform all users that our Facebook video downloader doesn't endorse or promote downloading or using copyrighted videos. In accumulation, we also want to explain that this Facebook video download tool shouldn't be used to save someone's content for commercial purposes. Our FB video downloader users must obtain preliminary approval from the Video's creator Hideo to use it commercially. Kindly Note that Entiretools is not liable for copyright infringement that may occur. As a result, download videos from Facebook and use copyrighted videos with its platform.

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