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About Bulk Domain Age Checker

Bulk Domain Age Checker

What is a bulk domain age checker?

The bulk domain age checker helps you to know the age of any domain; you can check multiple domains' ages at once with our free and straightforward tool.

How to use our domain age checker tool


Get started with our domain age checker tool by following these steps:

yesEnter the Links you want to check. You can check a single Link or Bulk Links. 


Click on the submit Button.

yesView your domain information; it will show the domain age, created date, and expiry date.

Once you complete these steps, your results will show, and you can discover a website's age and history!


How to use this tool?


Input your domain names.

Click on Submit 

Your domain details are available 

Domain name

A domain name is a domain name. Below is the popular domain TLD extension list.

  • .Com
  • .Org
  • .Net
  • .In
  • .US
  • .EU
  • .Uk

it can be like. like Grabpanda.com for grabpanda or Tooliyo.com for tooliyo

Domain Update date

The update date showed when the domain was renewed. It contains both the date and time. Like the creation date, this part of the bulk domain age checker shows the 12-hour clock format for time and displays the date as year, month, and day.

Creation date

The creation date is summarized when a website was created, detailing the date and time. The date is formatted as year, month, and day or YYYY-MM-DD, while time follows a 12-hour clock format.

Expiration date

The expiration date displays when a domain expires. If the domain name owner does not renew the domain, the domain will be available to purchase. Domain name providers allow some grace period to renew it after expiration.

What is domain age?

Domain age is the age of a domain or how long that domain has lived since its creation. For example, a domain created in 1995 will be 15 years old in 2015 and 27 years old in 2022. Even if multiple people own a domain over time, its age will stay the same — it won't reset with each new owner.

Why use a bulk domain age checker tool?

The bulk domain age checker tool can help you get quick answers to inquiries like:

How old is this domain?

When was this domain created?

When was domain information updated?

When will this website's domain name expire?

Did you know? Is Microsoft.com older than Google? The website name was created more than 28 years ago, while google.com debuted a few years after microsoft.com launched its website.

Why Google looks at the Domain age

Google doesn't care how old your website is. They only look at whether it's been around a while or not, so the longer you have been online, the better your chance of appearing high in their search results.

It would be best to assume that Google would make your site the first result in its search. You're not another spam site. They think your product is good and have given you a thumbs up for your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to use this tool?

No, This tool is 100% Free to use.

Do I need to pay to use this tool?

No, you do not need to pay to use the tool.

What is the benefit of using bulk domain age checkers?

You can check the age of any domain, its history, and its renewal date; this tool can check up to 20 urls simultaneously.

Does domain age matter for SEO?

Yes, It does matter for SEO; the older the domain age, the better; people trust it and share it with others; google does consider domain age when ranking.

What are the benefits of the aged domain?

Aged domains have good numbers of backlinks; they are already established on all the search engines, and people looking for advertisement partners consider older domains. In new domains, it is hard to get many benefits.

How can I buy an aged domain?

You can buy expired with any domain provider; 1st, you need to check the domain age with our free domain age checker tool; famous domain providers are Godaddy and Namecheap.

What is the difference between a new domain and an aged domain?

Aged domains are easy to rank when, but one has to check all the SEO details of the domain before buying; we recommend hiring us to help you get perfect aged domain Backlinks, Domain authority, history, and Google penalty records; if everything looks perfect, the aged domain can be a game-changer for any business. For a new domain, it's hard work; you have to make high-quality backlinks, advertisements, social media, etc.

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