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The Free and Online URL Decoder tool helps you decode and encode URLs quickly and easily.

Url decode online tools converts URL encoded strings into regular strings by decoding special characters. We're sorry but you can't use the standard URL, so it's necessary to encode the URL by either using the PHP url_encode function or encoding it with javascript or

Encoding the URL means that the URL does not contain any characters that can confuse search engine crawlers or users. It's a best practice.

What is URL decoding, and how does it work?

Decoding the URL requires reversing the process used to encode the URL, which we call URL encoding.

URL encoding is nothing but merely converting the encoded URL string into its encoded form.

It replaces a set of percent (%) and hexadecimal values (which are done for the encoding process) to convert it into standard or regular representation.

How to decode the URL by using a Free & Online URL Decode tool?

To decode the URL. Perform the following steps.

How to use the Load Sample Data option in the URL Decode tool?

Checking the result is not necessary. You can see the results you get from the sample data in the output window  Because it shows you the output but also removes the ambiguity that you might have.

Note. You can encode and decode the same URL several times.

Why do I need URL encoding?

The URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) specification RFC 2396 specifies that only a limited set of characters can be used

How does URL encoding work?

All offending characters are replaced by a % and a two-digit hexadecimal value that represents the character in the proper ISO character set. 





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