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What is a JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file?

The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is a universal file format that uses an algorithm to compress photographs and graphics.

It’s important to understand how much JPG compression is used, since this is the reason for its widespread use.

Because the JPG format is so small in size, it is a great format for carrying over the Internet, and using it on websites.

Use our JPEG compression tool to reduce the file size by up to 80%.

You can convert JPG to WebP, which is a newer and more compressible image format.

How to open a JPG file?

Almost all image viewers (and other file-managing software) are able to view and open JPG files.

Simply double-clicking the JPG file will usually result in its opening in your default image viewer, image editor, or web browser.

To select a specific application to open the file, utilize right-click, and select Open with to make your selection.

Popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Photos, and Mac OS applications such as Apple Preview all automatically open images in JPG format.

Developed by. Joint Photographic Experts Group

Initial Release.18 September 1992

What is a WebP file?

WebP is a free open-source file format developed by Google that creates files optimized for web pages and mobile applications.

WebP is about 30% smaller than JPG and PNG files. With similar visual quality.

WebP is a new image format designed to improve web page performance and save bandwidth by storing high-resolution photos in a very compact file size.

How to open a WebP file?

The default program for opening WebP is Google Chrome, which works across platforms.

A WebP file is also opened in the same way as a JPEG, so that’s another reason to choose a WebP format for your photos.

All web browsers besides Chrome support WebP.

If you're looking for free software to edit photos, you may want to check out alternative free photo editors.

Windows Photo Viewer isn't a very good choice for viewing webp images.

Developed by.Google

Initial Release.September 2010

Useful links:

https./developers. google. com/speed/webp/docs/compression

What is a  JPEG

.JPG, also known as.JPEG, is a file format that can contain an image with 10.

Image compression technique is used for reducing the image size without losing the quality of the image.

The most widely used in web publishing for reducing the size of images retaining image quality.


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