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How do I correct my Domain to an IP address?

This Domain to IP Address Converter Tool can convert a domain name to an IP Address. Enter the domain name into the text field, and click the "Change" button to convert it to an IP address.

The IP address is written in 'dotted-decimal notation. Four sets of numbers are separated by a period, each group representing an 8-bit number ranging from (0 255. An example of an IPv6 address is 201:70. 29. 119. 12, which is your IP address.

Domain Name System (DNS) helps convert easy-to-understand domain names such as into the IP addresses needed to reach them. The Internet Protocol (IP) address, which computers use to identify each other on a network.

 How do I find out the IP address of my Domain?

To find out who owns a domain name, enter the domain name in question into the textbox and click submit. You may find the host's IP Address, hosting location, and character in the status bar at the top of the screen. The tool converts the host to its IP and the domain name to its IP. You can also convert the IP to the domain name.

 Convert IP to Address

This allows people to reach your website by typing in

You'll need to contact your domain name provider or log into your domain name account online to get your DNS settings corrected.

DNS is commonly used to resolve a domain name to an IP address. Every time you visit a website, you conduct what is known as a forward resolution. Reverse DNS or rDNS is translating an IP address into a DNS hostname. Get information about this website's IP, country, and ISP address.

How does the Website IP address work?

An IP address is a unique numeric label that identifies computers in a Domain Name System (DNS) network. It consists of four groups of numbers, each between 0 and 255, separated by periods.

These numbers or letters are called IP addresses. If you type in a website's name into your browser, your computer uses the IP address to find the website' The IP address finding process is performed by searching the DNS until a domain name match is identified. This process is called DNS Lookup, which is also sometimes referred to as NSLOOKUP.

Finding a hostname (or domain name) from an IP address involves sending a request to the IP address and asking the IP address to return the device's name.

The domain name is usually the same as the company's name. Many websites, but most of them host only a few web pages. It's okay to figure out murder mysteries, but you shouldn't need to code. You should be able to read it.

Static versus Dynamic IP Address

There are two types of IP addresses; static and dynamic. In web hosting services, a static address never changes. Hosting service providers buy and use a group of dynamic addresses. It means that when a user assigned a dynamic address goes off the line from the internet, the Address is reassigned to another user. The IP address shows the exact location of a computer or network device. While this may help you to find your website's owner, it doesn't always reveal the correct information about the Domain.

The reason for this is that when a company in South Asia accesses a web hosting service in the United States, its data might be routed through the U.S.

The IP address will provide this information when an IP lookup is run. Organizations that have large networks often prefer to use static IP addresses. Also, some government agencies use them. Dynamic IP addresses are a pool of interchangeable IP addresses. Every internet service provider has a collection of addresses and assigns one to each user when that person connects to the internet. Sharing an IP address for security is cheaper and safer than using a static IP address. Hackers can easily hack a static IP address, as the IP address of a website never changes.

A hacker that tries to hack a dynamic IP address will find a different domain using the same IP address. You need to be careful about how often you move because if you are moving around frequently and carry your computer, you will have an IP address assigned to your home. If you are walking into a café that offers Wi-Fi services, and you connect to the internet from there, you are using the café's IP address to check your email and perform other activities on the internet.

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