300+ High Quality Guest Posting Sites That Will Actually Build Traffic

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Guest posting remains a powerful strategy for expanding your reach, building your brand, and enhancing your website's SEO through backlinks. When looking for guest post opportunities in 2024 or any year, consider the following tips to find relevant sites in your niche:

How to Find Free Guest Post Sites

Use Search Engines:

Leverage specific search queries to find guest posting opportunities. For example, you can use queries like "[your niche] guest post," "[your niche] write for us," or "[your niche] contribute" to discover sites that are actively seeking guest contributors.

Check Competitors' Backlinks:

Tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Moz can help you analyze where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. Some of these sites might be open to guest posts.

Social Media and Forums:

LinkedIn, Twitter, and niche-specific forums can be great places to find guest posting opportunities. Look for posts where websites are mentioned as accepting guest contributions or where others share their guest posting experiences.

Use Guest Post Marketplaces:

Some websites and platforms connect guest bloggers with sites accepting guest posts. While some are paid, others offer free connections.

Direct Outreach:

If you have a target website, consider contacting us directly via email or contact form to inquire about guest posting opportunities. They might be open to quality submissions even if they don't advertise it.

300+ High Quality Guest Posting Sites That Will Build Traffic 


Wordpress.com 92 DoFollow
Tumblr.com 86 DoFollow
Blogger.com 99 DoFollow
Jimdo.com 75 DoFollow
Livejournal.com 93 DoFollow
Wix.com 94 DoFollow
Weebly.com 93 DoFollow
Blogspot.com 66 DoFollow
Deviantart.com 84 DoFollow
Goodreads.com 93 DoFollow
Zoho.com 86 DoFollow
Sites.google.com 97 DoFollow
Medium.com 96 DoFollow
Pen.io 90 DoFollow
Angelfire.lycos.com 92 DoFollow
Xing.com 92 DoFollow
Instructables.com 93 DoFollow
Evernote.com 92 DoFollow
Slashdot.org 91 DoFollow
Hubpages.com 91 DoFollow
Webs.com 90 DoFollow
Soup.io 89 DoFollow
Wikidot.com 82 DoFollow
Typepad.com 83 DoFollow


List of High PA DA Article Submission Sites 2024:

WebSites Name DA/PA rank
linkedin.com 99/98
medium.com 96/81
bloglovin.com 93/76
livejournal.com 92/99
evernote.com 92/75
hubpages.com 92/70
manage.wn.com 92/43
reddit.com 91/90
wattpad.com 91/71
just paste.it 91/70
playbuzz.com 90/62
quora.com 90
steemit.com 89
telegra.ph 89/62
justpaste.it 89/64
gumroad.com 89/68
ezinearticles.com 88/67
qiita.com 88/73
axs.com 87
ezinearticles.com 87/72
tumblr.com 85/100
club.cnews.ru 83/56
bcz.com 77/57
mytrendingstories.com 77/49
apsense.com 76/61
articlesbase.com 76/59
e27.com 74/56
merchantcircle.com 72/66
penzu.com 70/65
infobarrel.com 69/60
wakelet.com 67/58
vingle.net 66/58
write.as 64/58
vingle.net 62/58
selfgrowth.com 61/64
writeupcafe.com/community 60/30
vocal.media 60/31
inube.com 57/61
storeboard.com 56/56
teletype.in 56/54
theomnibuzz.com 55/39
sooperarticles.com 55/58
articles.abilogic.com 53/52
uberant.com 52/57
articlesneed.com 52/38
anotepad.com 50/53
craft.co 50/47
datafloq.com 50/52
techsite.io 49/48
storeboard.com/blogs 49/46
articlealley.com 48/59
writerscafe.com 48/53
promotionworld 48/52
onfeetnation.com 47/51
community.buzrush.com 46/56
uberant.com 46/40
sooperarticles.com 45/54
klusster.com 44/43
shortkro.com 44/38
emailuniverse.com 43/49
articlebiz.com 43/55
godry.co.uk 43/47
launchora.com 42/50
mehfeel.net/mehfeel 41/34
bingartciles.info 41/34
dailygram.com 41/50
yarabook.com 40/46
articlecube.com 39/34
articlepole.com 39/46
go3article.com 38/44
threadwatch.org 38/46
article.abc.directory.com 37/43
sphere.social 37/54
onfeetnation.com 37/21
crweworld.com 36/49
pitnit.com 36/41
123articleonline.com 36/52
ny.biznet-us.com 36/38
submitmyarticle.com 35/47
uploadarticle.com 35/48
allthewebsites.org 35/52
howtoadvice.com 35/43
mytechlogy.com/IT – blogs 34/40
millionairex3.ning.com 34/47
articles.seoforums.me.uk 34/43
articles.studio9xb.com 34/48
pr4-articles.com 34/46
articlesforwebsite.com 33/46
articleweb55.com 33/42
pr3-articles.com 32/45
unitymix.com 32/46
article1.co.uk 32/46
airtract.com/articles 32/32
upstartblogger.com 31/47
telescope.ac 31/37
articlesreader.com 30/39
letsdiskuss.com 30/43
articlesbd.com 29/51
insertarticles.info 29/40
ezarticlesdb.com 29/42
openarticles.com 28/39
articles.mybikaner.com 27/47
yaarikut.com 27/34
simplysearch4it.com  27/49
articleseen.com 27/47
articlexpress.co.uk 26/36
articles.mastercraftindia.com 26/41
submitafreearticle.com 25/37
americanarticle.org 24/34
herbaltricks.com 24/49
writeonwall.com 24/31
pr5-articles.com 24/43
articlicious.com 24/45
articles.com 23/44
articledirectoryusa.com 23/49
articletrunk.com 23/48
srmarticles.com 21/34
articlerockstars.com 19/41
globalarticlefinder.com 19/38
otherarticles.com 19/48
articlecatalog.com 18/41
ezinepost.com 18/47
articlegift.com 18/41
populararticles.com 18/37
fillyourarticles.com 18/30
galoor.com 17/47
blog.giganticlist.com 17/40
nowarticles.com 17/39
blogcoli.com 17/38
imprint.to 17/41
seekarticles.com 17/47
aussieamiga.com 17/40
stillbonarticles.com 17/46
djrovin.com 17/41
articlesjust4you.com 15/39
greatarticles.co.uk 15/40
warticles.com 13/38
hubfirms.com 12/20
aniarticles.com 11/17
professionalsuk.co.uk 11/21
otherarticles.com 11/31
pr6-articles.com 11/36
articleabode.com 11/35
moodydose.com 11/30
linkworld.us 11/39
articleusa.com 10/28
pr7articles.com 9/13
blogoval.com 9/13
articles.h1ad.com 9/13
articlegods.com 9/13
starsuntold.com 9/13
smallbizarticles.com 9/13
gossipgirldaily.com 9/13
sharehealthtips.com 9/27
netezinearticle.com 8/30
creativebloggingworld.com 8/19
jumparticles.com 8/45
article.classifiedsfactor.com 8/46
articlefans.com 6/19
bloggersroad.com 5/24
uberarticles.com 5/23
articles87.com 1/4

List of NoFollow Backlink Web 2.0 Submission Sites – Bonus


No Website Link PA DA Sample
#01 medium.com 94 94 View
#02 wn.com 90 89 View
#03 instructables.com 92 90 View
#04 angelfire.com 84 92 View
#05 sites.google.com 95 100 View
#06 livejournal.com 95 94 View


Tips for Successful Guest Posting

Understand the Site's Content and Audience: Before submitting a guest post, ensure you're familiar with the type of content the site publishes and its audience. Your submission should align with their themes and quality standards.

Follow Submission Guidelines: Many sites that accept guest posts have specific submission guidelines. Make sure to follow these closely to increase your chances of acceptance.

Provide Quality Content: The key to successful guest posting is to provide value through your content. High-quality, informative, and engaging articles are more likely to be accepted and appreciated by the site's audience.

Build Relationships: Guest posting is not just about getting a backlink. It's an opportunity to build relationships with other bloggers and websites in your niche. A positive relationship can lead to more future guest posting opportunities and collaborations.

How to Find Guest Posting Sites Using Google Search

Finding guest posting sites with Google search is an effective strategy to discover platforms that welcome contributions from guest authors, helping you enhance your website's SEO and expand your audience. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Google search to find these opportunities:

1. Use Specific Search Queries

Start by using targeted search queries that include your niche or industry keywords and terms that websites commonly use to invite guest posts. Here are some examples of search queries you can use:

“[Your niche] guest post”

“[Your niche] write for us”

“[Your niche] guest article”

“[Your niche] guest post opportunities”

“[Your niche] contributing writer”

"[Your niche] submit a guest post."

Replace "[Your niche]" with keywords relevant to your industry or the type of content you want to write about.

2. Explore Variations and Synonyms

Different sites may use different terms for guest posting. Don't limit yourself to one search query. Try various combinations and synonyms to uncover more opportunities. For example, if your niche is digital marketing, you could search for "SEO guest post" or "content marketing write for us."

3. Check Out the Guest Post Guidelines

Once you find a site that accepts guest posts, look for their guest posting guidelines. These guidelines typically outline what kind of content they're looking for, the topics they're interested in, and how to submit your guest post. Following these guidelines closely increases your chances of getting published.

4. Evaluate the Site's Quality

Before submitting a guest post, evaluate the site's quality and relevance to your niche. Consider factors like domain authority (DA), audience engagement (comments and shares), and how often they publish new content. High-quality, relevant sites will offer more value in backlinks and audience growth.

5. Organize Your Targets

Create a spreadsheet to track potential guest posting sites, guidelines, submission contacts, and notes on their target audience or preferred topics. This organization will help streamline your outreach process.

6. Personalize Your Outreach

When reaching out to propose a guest post, personalize your email. Mention specific articles you enjoyed from their site, how your content can add value to their audience, and propose a few topic ideas based on your research. Personalization can significantly increase your acceptance rate.

7. Follow Up

If you don't hear back after your initial outreach, sending a follow-up email is appropriate. Sometimes, emails get lost in the shuffle, and a polite follow-up can bring your proposal to their attention.


Using Google search to find guest posting sites is a proactive approach to content marketing and SEO. By carefully selecting high-quality, relevant sites and tailoring your pitches to each platform, you can build valuable backlinks, reach a broader audience, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Remember, guest posting is not just about SEO; it's about community building and sharing valuable insights with a broader audience.






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