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Table of Contents

A TXT to PDF Converter is a tool or software that converts plain text documents (.txt format) into Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This conversion helps preserve the Text in a more universal and widely used format, especially for sharing, printing, and archiving. Here's an overview of its functionalities and applications:

How TXT to PDF Converter Works

  1. Upload or Input TXT File: You start by uploading a TXT file to the converter tool or copying and pasting the Text into the tool's input area.

  2. Conversion Process: The tool processes the Text, converting it into a PDF format. Some converters, like font size, style, and document margins, allow output customization.

  3. Download or Save PDF: Once the conversion is complete, you can download or save the new PDF file.

Common Features

  • Formatting Options: Many converters offer basic formatting options such as setting font type, size, and page layout.
  • Batch Conversion: Some tools allow for simultaneously converting multiple TXT files into PDFs.
  • Ease of Use: These tools are generally user-friendly, requiring minimal technical skills.

Applications of TXT to PDF Converters

  • Document Sharing: Converting TXT files to PDFs makes them easier to share while maintaining the formatting.
  • Professional Presentation: PDFs offer a more professional appearance for text documents, suitable for official communications.
  • Printing: PDFs are widely preferred, as they consistently preserve the formatting across different printers and computers.
  • Archiving: PDFs are ideal for archiving text documents due to their compatibility with various digital platforms and long-term stability.


  • Compatibility: PDFs are universally compatible with all operating systems and devices.
  • Security: PDF format can offer additional security features like password protection and encryption.
  • Fixed Formatting: Unlike TXT files, PDFs maintain the same formatting regardless of the device or software used to view them.


  • Software or Online Tools: Some converters require software downloads, while others are available as online tools.
  • Privacy and Security: When using online converters, consider the confidentiality of your data and opt for services with secure data policies.
  • Quality of Conversion: While most converters are reliable, checking the converted document for formatting issues is always a good practice.
How to convert TXT to PDF

1 Choose a file

Upload a TXT file from your computer or a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Drag and drop it into the box, or click Upload if your browser supports it.

Once you choose a file or drag and drop it into the box, your file will begin processing automatically. You'll be happy that the software can quickly convert your TXT file into a PDF file.

2 Download or send the link by email

Once the process to convert TXT to PDF is complete, you can download your PDF file to your computer and view it in your web browser. You have our permission to email us the link to your PDF file, which is valid for 24 hours.

If you choose to have your book file emailed to you, please ensure you check the file within the 24-hour window. Please don't forget about that nicely converted file.


TXT is plain Text 

TXT is the document file format that supports plain Text. Almost all the applications recognize and support the TXT file because it contains no text formatting.

Also, all the Operating Systems and devices support these files because they contain only ASCII characters.


A PDF is a document file format that contains Text, images, data, and more. This document is a new standard open to all platforms and formats. It compresses a document and vector graphics.

There's a way for the viewer to download the file, and it is compatible with most popular browsers.

Data Security

Our users and customers have trusted EntireTools.com since its founding in

No one but you will ever have access to your files. We are currently not selling any user's data. Read more about that in our Privacy Policy.

Convert other formats

It's not just text; it's also the Text that includes formatting characters such as doc, Docx, or RTF files, which are a type of file in the

There's nothing like our multi-purpose tool. It does everything.

Editable Text

To convert your.txt file to a.pdf document, you must open the. It's possible to make this page editable with the proper PDF software.

You can use Entiretools.com to create new documents instantly and easily change existing ones.

Convert from PDF

If you've converted your document to PDF, you'll want to convert it to Text to return it to its original state.

You can use the free* PDF to Text conversion tool. You can also use online PDF tools to convert your PDF files to plain Text.

Converting any PDF file to text format and converting any text file to PDF is easy.

Use our free online converter to convert a PDF file to several other formats, such as Word doc, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

*Size and daily usage limitations may apply.

Worry-Free Conversion

You don't have to worry about viruses or malware affecting your computer or apps taking up storage space on your phone.

This PDF to OCR software is an excellent solution for converting a PDF document to a searchable text file.

For Scans & More

Don't waste your time copying Text manually anymore. Forget about photocopying or scanning a book or article to use as a source later.

This is a great online tool for converting any PDF file to Text.

This simple tool will convert your PDF into a TXT file so you can easily take the content and copy it.

Safety Concerns?

If you upload a PDF to convert to Text, the last thing you want is to worry about what happens to your file. We can take these concerns from you.

You're fully in control at every step of the way. You don't give anything to us. And no one checks the contents of your file. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Use OCR Online

You only need a stable internet connection and any web browser to convert a PDF file to Word. Your choice of computer or device is not restricted to just one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Text to PDF Converter?

Answer: A Text to PDF Converter is a tool or software that converts plain text files (usually with a .txt extension) into PDF (Portable Document Format) files. It transforms the text into a more universal, printable, and shareable document format.

2. How does a Text to PDF Converter work?

Answer: You input or upload a text file into the converter. The tool then processes the text, converting it into a PDF document while maintaining its original formatting as much as possible.

3. Why convert text files to PDF?

Answer: Converting to PDF can be useful for sharing documents in a format that is widely accessible and retains the formatting, which can be lost in text files. PDFs are also more secure and professional for distribution.

4. Can I format the text in the PDF output?

Answer: Many text-to-PDF converters offer basic formatting options, such as setting fonts, sizes, and margins, to customize the appearance of the PDF output.

5. Is it free to use a Text-to-p PDF Converter?

Answer: Many online text-to-PDF converters are available for free. However, more advanced features might be available only in paid software versions.

6. Can I convert multiple text files at once?

Answer: Some converters support batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple text files to PDFs simultaneously.

7. How long does converting a text file to PDF take?

Answer: The conversion is typically quick, often taking just a few seconds, although it can vary depending on the length of the text file and the converter's speed.

8. Are online Text PDF Converters safe to use?

Answer: While many online converters are safe, using a reputable service is essential, especially when dealing with sensitive or confidential information. Look for tools with secure connections (HTTPS) and transparent privacy policies.

9. Do I need to install software for a Text-to-p PDF Converter?

Answer: This depends on the tool. Online converters do not require software installation and can be used directly in a web browser. However, standalone software will require installation.

10. Can I convert a text file to PDF on my mobile device?

Answer: Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices that can convert text files to PDFs.


TXT to PDF Converters provide a straightforward and efficient solution for transforming plain text documents into a more versatile and accessible format. These tools facilitate easy sharing, printing, and archiving of text documents for professional or personal use. When choosing a converter tool, consider factors like ease of use, formatting options, and data security, especially for sensitive content.



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