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We at Entiretools.com fully know your trust in us and our obligation to ensure your privacy. To fulfill this obligation, we want to share the data we gather when you use our tool for analyzing websites, the reason we collect it, and how we use it to enhance your experience.

When you use the entiretools.com web-based SEO tools, you agree to the use of data described in this policy.

Use of Personal Information

Suppose you opt-in to our newsletters or emails. In that case, entiretools.com can use your personally identifiable email address to notify you of additional products or services offered by entiretools.com or its affiliated companies.

Entiretools.com might also survey you for opinions about current or new services.

Be aware that other users can collect and utilize the data if you provide personal information, such as your name or sensitive information, on your entiretools.com blog.

entiretools.com does not rent, sell, or rent its client lists to any third party. entiretools.com could occasionally contact you through external business partners regarding a specific offer that is relevant to you.

Your personally identifiable information (email address, name, or telephone number) will not be transferred to a third party.

Furthermore, entiretools.com may share data with trusted partners to help us with statistical analysis and send you emails and postal mail to offer customer service or scheduled deliveries.

Third parties are not permitted to use your data only to provide these solutions to entiretools.com and are obliged to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

entiretools.com will share your data, with or without prior notice, only when required under the law or whenever we have the reasonable belief that the action is necessary for (a) comply with the laws or conform to legal processes that are made available to entiretools.com or the website; (b) protect and defend the rights and property that belong to Entiretools.com (including enforcing this Agreement) and (c) respond in emergency circumstances to ensure the safety of individuals of entiretools.com or the general public.

Information Collection

All information gathered through the entiretools.com tool can be accessed manually by several other methods that are publicly accessible on the internet (Whois Checkups, Google Cached Pages, etc.). This is why every report produced through Entiretools.com is considered public and thus kept in our databank.

In addition, it could be searched in search engines. entiretools.com collects and utilizes website information to operate its web analysis tool and provide the services you requested. This includes IP addresses, domain names, estimates of visits, off-site and on-site SEO analysis, usability, access times, and web addresses that refer to the website.

Entiretools.com utilizes the information collected to operate its services and provides general information regarding using the entiretools.com web-based tool.


You agree to not:

Distribute the content to anyone for any reason, not just creating an internal database and redistributing or replicating content through the media or press or via any cable, commercial network, or satellite systems.

Create derivative works from decompiling; reverse engineer disassembles, modify to, translate, transmit, arrange modification copy, bundle sell, sub-license export merger, transfer, modify to, loan, rent, and lease, assign share, outsource publish, host, and offer to anyone or another person, directly or indirectly

the contents/tools in all or whole, in any way or through any method the content/tools, whether physical or electronic or any other. Permit the use of or allow for any activity that could violate or harm the proprietary rights or rights of the Company or its licensors or allow any third party access to the content/tools.


The limitations outlined in this Agreement do not apply to the extent that the restrictions are not permitted by the law relevant to you.

Utilize or try to use automated software to grab websites (also called website downloader software or web copier software) to save many pages from the site for any purpose, including offline viewing.
Make use of bots.
Use software that blocks advertisements to stop the loading and display of ads from websites.

The tools available from entiretools.com are not designed to be used in any way without consulting a professional

Furthermore, the information in this article is designed to provide general guidelines regarding topics of interest to everyone. Users are advised to consult SEO specialists for guidance on particular issues before deciding. entiretools.com is not responsible for any decisions made by the tools offered through entiretools.com, as well as for any miscommunication by entiretools.com

Privacy of your Personal Information

The method of protecting data is guaranteed to be 100% safe. entiretools.com employs various security methods and technologies to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or use.

Entiretools.com secures the personal information you supply on servers of computers in a secure, controlled environment protected from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Suppose personal information (such as the number on a credit card) is sent to websites not affiliated with it. In that case, they are protected by an encryption method, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

Modifications to this Statement

entiretools.com periodically updates these Terms of Service to reflect customers' feedback and the Company's. entiretools.com invites you to read these Terms of Service regularly to learn how entiretools.com protects your personal information. We will amend our "Last Updated" date when this policy is changed. Utilizing this entiretools.com website implies your Agreement to these Conditions of Service.

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