Top 3 Alternatives of Adobe Acrobat to Merge Your PDF files for Free

04 August, 2022 12:00:00 AM by Hostroy Digital Services in Technology

Are you out of budget after paying the fees for paid Adobe Acrobat? Are you looking for a free management tool to help you organize the PDF files without cost?

No need to worry!

Here we are going to give you an excellent solution for that.

If we talk about managing PDF documents, Adobe acrobat is one of the most trusted platforms. But the problem is that this tool is paid to use.

People always look for tools that can be useful for them and complete their tasks without any cost.

To make this possible and organize the PDF documents on the device for free, you can go for an online PDF merger.

This online tool lets you manage the files instantly and manage the folder in a better way.

Before going into detail and talking about the alternatives to adobe acrobat, we will give you a solid reason why this element is important to replace adobe acrobat with other tools.

Why Would You Need an Alternative for Adobe Acrobat?

Would you pay for a product if you get the exact item with the same features for free at another platform? Probably not! You will try to go for the free one.

The same is in the case of adobe acrobat. No doubt, the tool is one of the most trusted platforms that can help you manage PDF documents, but there are also online tools that offer the features for free.

The best element about these tools is that they can be accessed on every platform without installing them on the device. This feature makes the instrument a more reliable option.

Moreover, online PDF merger tools are safe because they don’t keep the data. So, you can manage the file here and merge them without any security issues.

Top Alternatives for Adobe Acrobat

For every single item, you can get hundreds of alternates that can be used in place of that particular product.

For adobe acrobat, you can get a lot of replacements that can offer you all the benefits for free. But you need to focus on the fact that the new tool must be trustworthy.

In this section, you will know the top alternatives for adobe acrobat that can help maintain the PDF records in your folder for free.


In the list of top free online PDF merger tools that can offer a lot of features to the users for free and helps in maintaining the records, always comes on the top.


No matter whether you are willing to merge the files, split the documents, reduce the size, or read the PDF files.

This online tool will help you with every purpose and let you complete the tasks on a single platform for free.

Even if you browse the heavy documents in this tool, it will let you organize the files without making any paper errors.

Because of these top features, this online tool is top-rated on the search engine and is trusted by the users.


This is another addition to the list of best merge PDF tools because of the fantastic advantages it offers to the users.

merge pdf online

This Merge PDF tool is one of the top-rated on the search engine because of its incredible features that the tool is very secure for the users and keeps the content safe. allows uploading a bunch of PDF files at once. The operating speed of the tool remains the same and provides the merged document in a few seconds.

You can also upload the files in this online tool from multiple platforms. This PDF merger permits browsing files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Device folders.

pdf merge online

The best element about using is that you can edit the files to make changes in their positions per requirement.

This is a fantastic feature you can get with the help of this online tool and manage the files.


You can never ignore this free online PDF tool while discussing the list of top-rated tools.

Here you can get all the benefits of merging the documents, splitting the pages, condensing the file size, or changing the positions.

Users can manage multiple PDF files at once with the help of this online tool. Moreover, they can keep the documents secure in this online tool and make them accessible all the time.

merge pdf online

The unique element of this tool is that it offers a simple interface that will make it easy for you to maintain the records quickly and get the work done for free, even without any trouble.

Final Verdict

Using adobe acrobat is the right option as it is pretty helpful in keeping the records organized in the device and makes it possible for you to access them anytime.

But one thing about this tool is that it doesn’t offer the features for free.

To get all the benefits without any cost, users can get help from online tools that allow them to manage the documents properly.

The best tool element is that the users' content remains safe here.

In this article, we have discussed all the essential elements of the online PDF merger that can be enough for the users to decide to use these tools as a substitute for adobe acrobat.

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