Is Cable Internet Reliable for a Home Network?

29 September, 2022 12:00:00 AM by Hostroy Digital Services in Internet

Your internet connection determines your online experience. Whether downloading a file or hosting a meeting on Zoom, you must ensure a stable connection with the correct speeds.

Besides, it should not slow down even if you perform a speed-intensive task. Talking about reliability, cable internet takes the lead! It is known for its reliability, which allows it to connect all devices separately. So, if you still haven't connected to a cable internet service, we will enlighten you on why you should go for it.

What Makes a Cable Internet Connection So Reliable?

Cable internet uses coax cable wires to carry signals from the source to its destination. The cable is inserted into your device from one end while the other is plugged into the network equipment. Therefore, it performs much faster than most rural internet connections in the US.

We have compiled the three main reasons why cable internet is known as reliable among the rest of the connection types:

Fast Network Speeds

Cable internet provides high speeds consistent with your home or office network. This is because it works with an Ethernet cable to establish an internet connection, which allows high data transmission within a time interval.

Most households in the US require speeds starting from 25 Mbps to carry out everyday online activities. Whether you want to play competitive online games, stream movies, and TV shows in HD or UHD, or share files on the cloud, cable internet offers the proper speeds to complete your work without interruption.

Besides, many providers offer monthly internet plans with a high data allowance. This way, you don't need to worry about your monthly data usage, as your data limit would be much higher than your monthly data consumption. So, dial numero de Spectrum to find which internet plan fits your speed needs.

If you are wondering how many speeds you will need to perform your work, then here is an overview of the speeds required for the most common online tasks:

Online Task

Download Speed Requirement

Watching video content

3 to 20 Mbps

Virtual learning

25 Mbps and above

Scrolling on Facebook or Instagram

1 Mbps

VoIP calls

Up to 0.5 Mbps

Saving files

10 Mbps

Attending or hosting a call on Skype or Zoom

1.5 Mbps

Working from home

25 Mbps

Sending and checking emails

1 Mbps


For watching video content on popular streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube TV, see if your current internet provider offers the following speeds or not:  

Online Task

Download Speed Requirement

Watching videos in High Definition (HD)

5 to 8 Mbps

Watching videos in 4K Ultra HD

25 Mbps

Watching videos in Standard Definition (SD)

3 to 4 Mbps


For those working from home or learning remotely, looking for an internet connection to attend or host video conferences, your internet service should match the following speed requirements: 

Online Task

Download Speed Requirement

Video calling on Zoom or Skype

1 Mbps

Video calling in HD on Zoom or Skype

1.5 Mbps

Video conferencing in HD

6 Mbps


For gaming, you may need to check for the following speeds:

Online Task

Download Speed Requirement

Gaming console connecting to the internet

3 Mbps

Online multiplayer gaming

4 Mbps



With a cable internet connection, you will have a safe and secure online experience that is least susceptible to interception by intruders. While Wi-Fi networks can cater to many devices simultaneously without any wires, cable internet requires you to use a separate cable wire for each device. This means that your connection will be secure enough to prevent the risk of intrusion by hackers and other cybercriminals over the internet.

Good Customer Service

With Spectrum Servicio al cliente, you can access professional technicians 24/7. Even if you encounter any issue with your cable internet connection two at night, Spectrum's highly trained customer support team will guide you on troubleshooting your problem without spending a single penny on it. If you are not tech-savvy enough to handle such technical issues, you can ask Spectrum to send its technician to resolve the problem. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a cable internet service offered by Spectrum.

Final Thoughts

At first, you may believe cable internet is too complicated, with wires connected to each device. However, with time, you will understand how cable internet outshines the rest of the internet connection types because of its consistent speeds and reliable service. It is not just speedy but also provides security to your device and data stored on each device from intrusion. So, if you are skeptical about finding the most reliable internet connection type, cable internet suits you!


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