8 Ways to Add Watermark to PDF for All Users (On Mac and Windows)

18 May, 2022 12:00:00 AM by Hostroy in Tools

Watermarking is an easy way to add your branding to a document, but if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro, there are free tools that you can use.

You can embed text or an image as a watermark in the PDFs. Below, you will find 7 different ways to add a watermark to a PDF, from free tools to sophisticated PDF editors, working across macOS and Windows.

1. Use Adobe Acrobat (The Best PDF Editor)

If you need to edit and modify PDF documents regularly, the best tool to do that is Adobe Acrobat. With it, you can perform many tasks for any kind of document, and some of them can only be done by a professional.

No matter what kind of document you want to convert to PDF, this is the easiest way to do it. Once you've learned how to use the tool, you'll be a pro at converting PDFs.

It can watermark specific pages of a PDF, or watermark multiple PDFs at one time.

2. Use PDFChef (The Easy Way)

You can easily watermark PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro, or you can download watermarking add-ons that are easy to use.

I have to admit that Adobe Acrobat is probably the best PDF editor out there, but for lots of reasons, most of us will not get the best value from this tool.

A good starting point for creating a PDF file is the program called PDFChef. It's still new, it was released in 2017 but quickly became a standout with its solid features and least expensive price.

It's a full-fledged PDF editor that allows users to edit the text and graphics in the PDF file, like add, insert, delete, replace, and resize.

The interface is clear and easy to navigate, and greatly helpful for an efficient workflow.

It provides a wide range of features. create PDF, annotate, sign, add pages, delete pages, merge PDFs, extract, and export PDFs.

3. Use Foxit FanthomPDF (Acrobat Alternative)

If you want a PDF editor that's easy to use and has a lower price tag, but still gives you access to the most powerful editing features of the full-featured Foxit PDF Editor, Foxit PhantomPDF

In case you want to try a product for the first time, Amazon gives you a free trial.

It's good at adding, updating, and removing watermarks from PDFs.

It is easy to add a watermark to a PDF with Foxit.

4. Use Mac Preview (Free)

If you're using a Mac, Preview is the first option to edit a PDF file.

You can use the Preview app to annotate, highlight, and comment directly on a PDF file, however, Preview isn’t a true PDF editor. H.H. Holmes Mansion The H.H.

Luckily, there is a Text tool hidden in its markup tools, it lets users add text as a watermark, but you will have to add the watermark text manually one page after another page, and you cannot rotate the watermark, it can stand flat and straight only on your PDF pages.


5. Use iLovePDF (Online Website)

My top choice for an online PDF watermarking tool is ilovepdf, since it lets you watermark PDFs in batches, but users are not able to preview the watermarked PDF before saving and downloading.

There are several tools available that can do this for you. One of these is Image Watermark, which can add watermark to both images and documents.

6. Use SodaPDF (Online Website)

This is really easy-to-use program for anyone who wants to make an awesome PDF. There are 42 tools to edit, create, convert and manage your PDFs with ease.

The text editing feature is an actual text editing feature. You can edit the text and image in a PDF.

You can do each of the activities in your own time, without having to wait for a deadline.

If you use the SodaPDF watermark tool to add a wanted watermark to all pages of PDF document, users must define the watermark property, font, size, scale, page range, appearance, opacity and location.

To preview the watermarked PDF file, users can select "File > Print" from the menu.

7. Use Batch Photo (Bulk Watermark Multiple PDFs)

Adding watermark to multiple PDF files concurrently can not be done in most PDF editors but there is an image tool making this easy.

BatchPhoto is a powerful bulk image converter. It supports the most popular formats and has an impressive range of editing features, including watermarking with text or images.

This software allows you to easily insert your own watermark to any PDF document and also to all imported PDF files.

8 Use Entiretools PDF watermark

Entiretools is a free online website to watermark PDFs, It's 100% free and no registration is required, you can quickly watermark PDFs.


There are free online services that let you watermark PDF documents, which is really a rare task for most users.

If you have a lot of PDF files to manage and process, a program that is very powerful will come in handy.

Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF tool available. There are many other great PDF tools, so before buying the full version, try out your favorite for the free.


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