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      Very Helpful, easy to use

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      We built to provide you (All In One) PDF & Website Management Tools to save time and improve your productivity.

      Unlimited Use & Limited Ads

      Entiretools is entirely free. You can use it any time without restriction.


      All the Tools processing time is faster we use cloud server.

      User Friendly

      All the tools are designed for all age group, Advance knowledge is not required to use.

      Data Protection

      All your files and data entered are secured.

      Quick and Easy

      120+ Tools are available in 7+ major languages.

      Support All Browsers can be accessed on any browser with an active internet connection..

      Batch Converter

      Save time with batch converter, instead of converting one file, you can convert multple-file at once.

      Multi Language

      120+ Tools are available in 7 major languages.

      No Registration

      Use our 120+ tools without registration and providing personal details.

      Auto Deletion Files From Server

      Your uploaded files and contents are saved for only 24 hours. We use the auto-deletion mode to clear up files regularly for ensuring data safety.

      No Installation

      No matter! Mac, Linux, or Windows machine, Our tool can run on  ANY device.  You don't need to install anything to use our tool.

      Quality is key

      We use the Solid Framework, A powerful publishing framework.It has the best Technology for converting Documents which keeps the standards and quality high!

      How to merge PDF files online?

      Simply upload the PDF files, order them as you want in the final output and click Merge PDF.

      • Step 1.
      • Select your files in our free online PDF Merge tool.
      • Step 2.
      • Click the Merge button to start the merging process.
      • Step 3.
      • Download the merged PDF file to your device
      Combine PDF files by uploading them below

      You can re-order the files based on the desired order in the output file by dragging or using the arrows on the right of each row.

      Private Processing

      All processing is done on your device. No files are uploaded or stored on the server.

      No registration is needed to use our server. We accept and convert thousands of documents. 

      Platform Friendly

      We have a service that works on all Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. 

      Online PDF Merge Service

      To make a PDF file into a clickable website, simply use this web service online instead of installing a program that allows you to combine PDFs.

      Using a tool like Entiretools allows you to merge PDF documents without the need for wasting space on your hard drive. This eliminates the fear of viruses and malware from other programs you have to download and install

      Why Should I Merge PDFs?

      Sometimes several PDFs are generated when you scan images or a book.

      What if you wanted them all in one file? You wouldn't print several documents one at a time, would you?

      It combines them and prints just one document, saving you money and time

      Safely Merge Your PDFs

      Entiretools will do the work for you, but the original copyright is, of course. We guarantee your file is secure on our servers and will not be forwarded to third parties.

      Check out our Privacy Policy here to learn more about how your data is used and protected.

      Combine PDFs anywhere

      Our services work through the internet, so that's all you need. A cross-platform app that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS X. You can use it anywhere, whether at the office or the library.

      Easy and powerful PDF merger

      It's easy to merge PDF files with our user-friendly web interface.

      The File Table makes it easy to work with many input files and perform batch processing.

      Stay up to date with your PDF software.

      There’s no need to update your software, install new programs, or fix installation errors.

      We live in the cloud, so you can count on our cloud-based tools to do precisely what you need, without getting tied to anything.

      Secure file transfers and handling

      The files will be transferred over a secure connection to maximize the security of your files. You will lose access to any uploaded files and videos after one hour from our servers.

      Output files are stored for 7 days by default but can be stored for up to 1 year (Premium), 1 A Preferences menu item allows you to manage the file retention settings.

      File deletion can be initiated immediately.

      3 Send file by email

      You can merge PDFs using the free PDF Merge tool. Once you've merged your PDFs, you can send them directly to your email and download them to your device.

      High Quality, reliable PDF suite

      We’ve been creating PDF tools for many years and continually improving them through millions of conversions.

      We continue to test and improve all our tools. Converting your documents since 2015.



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