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20 Tips to improve your website SEO

\Are you trying to improve your website SEO? If not, you miss many opportunities to increase traffic and improve your business. Here are the best tips to improve your website SEO to get high ranks.

1. Do not use duplicate content

Search engines will penalize you if you create a new article or post for your blog, do not copy and paste the same content to your social media pages.

2. Optimise your Meta Tags

Make sure that all the meta tags are correctly optimized. Do not just write a random tag. Use keywords, descriptions, and titles because they help search engines understand what you want to rank.

3. Include the right keywords in your domain name

You may add ".com" at the end of your domain to put the keyword in the domain name itself.

4. Write unique content for each page

If you have ten pages for your blog, don't copy-paste the same content on each page. Each page should be unique and full of value.

5. Optimise your site speed

People are less likely to spend over 20 seconds on a website, so you must make it as fast and easy as possible.

6. Get Backlinks

Make a link for your website on websites like Quora, medium, etc. That's one of the most important things to get backlinks. You should try getting at least 100 backlinks in a month. Remember the most important while creating, avoid creating comments backlinks, directory submissions are not considered for SEO, do not buy spamming backlinks, and do high-quality guest posts on other websites.

7. Submit your website to search engines

 Submit your website to all the famous search engines, google search console, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, yahoo, etc

8. Add relevant images to your blog

Add an image to your blog post, and make sure it is relevant to the blog post. If you have a graphic, use it in your blog posts.

9. Post frequently

You should post frequently and not less than once a day. If you post promptly, people will return to your website and click on your link to read your latest posts.

10. Create helpful content

You can also create infographics and other types of exciting content. But remember, you have to make sure that the content is relevant.

11. Make sure your site works on mobile devices 

You're losing half your audience if your site is not mobile-friendly! The more people use mobile devices, the more they can access your site.

12. Provide helpful content 

This is the most essential thing in terms of search engine optimization. Your content should be helpful, not just full of keywords. Your content must be readable and engaging so your audience doesn't leave.

13. Use your keyword on the URL 

The URL of your site will be included in the search results. Use your keywords in the URL domain to get better rankings in the search engines.

14. Optimize for voice search 

If your site isn't optimized for voice search, you're losing half of your potential visitors! The more sites people search, the more likely they are to search for your site. To optimize for voice search, use appropriate keywords in your content and include them in your title.

15. Improve your email marketing 

A robust and responsive email marketing campaign will result in higher traffic to your site. You should also consider having a "pop-up" in your emails.

16. Monitor your social media accounts 

Social media is still integral to your traffic, even though it's mainly used for posting pictures and status updates. Using social media for marketing is just as important as on-site optimization.

17. Install Google Analytics 

You can learn a lot from analytics, mainly how many visitors to your site are from different sources. Knowing your audience's behavior and interests will help you create more compelling content.

18. Consider adding a video section 

Videos on YouTube increase engagement. They get more views and more shares. Add videos to your site's SEO.

19. Create a blog section 

Blogs are a great way to showcase your expertise in certain areas. People love being able to connect with experts in various fields. If you blog frequently and answer frequently asked questions, you'll see a vast improvement in your traffic.

20. Use Facebook ads 

If you have a Facebook page, you should use it to your advantage! Advertise your site by making paid posts to your Facebook Page.




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